What is ASM?
AllSportsMarket ("ASM") is an experimental exchange where investors can buy and sell sports teams, just like traditional stocks, and earn dividends when their teams win or appreciate in value. The ASM exchange is operated by The New Sports Economy Institute ("NSEI"), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization registered in California and approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

Your participation in The World's First Sports Stock Market® will support NSEI during an important transitionary phase on the path to full regulation of this market. Together, we can pave the way toward legal certainty and other innovations in sports finance.

We will continue to collaborate with the Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") and other regulatory agencies, as needed, through a continuous and transparent dialogue to determine how ASM's sports stocks and the concept of sports investing should ultimately be regulated.

Our Mission

      Anchoring sports at the center of society as its core organizing principle

NSEI champions the socially beneficial union of sports, money and public interest in the form of regulated financial products, envisions a brand new ecosystem that will lead to meaningful job creation, significant economic growth and increased tax revenues based on sports as an asset class, and delivers educational reform through sports, first by advancing financial literacy and then making sports the core of all education.

NSEI's mission objectives are achieved through the following three programs:

      SportsFolio® - Mixing Sports, Money and Public Interest

We have a strong conviction that the proper mix of sports and money can serve the public interest. The argument that the combination of sports and money always equals gambling is the 21st century version of "The world is flat," a dogmatic belief that is wildly popular only because an alternative has not yet been realized. ASM is our attempt to finally provide the world with an alternative.

      SportsVote - Launching the New Sports Economy

We are confident that the socially beneficial union of sports, money and public interest can and will launch a brand new ecosystem, which we call the New Sports Economy. In this new ecosystem, sports will be the key to unlock a prosperous path to global economic development to drive a stronger economy with even stronger ethics.

      SportsCore™ - Delivering Educational Reform through Sports

We will deliver significant advances in financial literacy and education reform through sports. Sports is an intergenerational connector that binds families and communities. It is part of the social fabric that enriches our lives. Through our markets, and more broadly sports, we will develop curricula and learning tools that advance financial literacy and lifelong learning to deliver much needed educational reform.