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STEEL $2.90     ROCKET $2.50     BRUINS $2.48     CANADN $2.78     BRUINS $2.46     LITNG $2.54     BRUINS $2.47     BEARS $2.69     WARIRS $3.10     EDOIL $2.76     STARS $2.56     COWBOY $2.92     SENATR $2.62    

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Team Logo for STEELSTEEL$2.905
Team Logo for STEELSTEEL$2.741
Team Logo for ROCKETROCKET$2.503
Team Logo for ROCKETROCKET$2.506
Team Logo for BRUINSBRUINS$2.482
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What is sports trading?
bullet pointBuy & sell shares of your favorite sports teams
in a 24-hour, worldwide marketplace.
Earn money when your stocks perform well.
bullet pointThe ASM Exchange is operated by a 501(c)(3) educational Non-Profit with the mission to end sports gambling and bring financial literacy to the masses via sports trading instruments.
How does it work?
bullet pointASM works like a traditional stock exchange and traders can make money in 3 ways:
1. Buy low and sell high
2. Short high and cover low
3. Earn dividends when your teams win

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